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Required file types

  • .AI or .PNG (With transparent background)
  • 300 DPI Reccomended. Low resolution images will be printed AS-IS.
  • The image must be the size of the requested sticker size. Any images that are too small/too large will be scaled to fit within size chosen. *Empty space included*

Sticker Printing Services

You may have noticed that we have a couple options available. Lets go through each of the options and figure out what would work best for your needs!

Kiss Cut vs Die Cut

Kiss cut and die cut stickers differ in their cutting techniques. Kiss cut stickers have a precise cut through the sticker layer, leaving the backing intact and utilizes a transfer tape to facilitate the installation of the sticker. This allows for easy peeling and application no matter the complexity of the stickers shape. On the other hand, die cut stickers are cut through both the sticker and backing, resulting in a custom shape. Die cut stickers are best suited for simple shapes. Choose kiss cut for complex shapes, or opt for die cut for a simple peel and stick application.


Also known as UV and Weather Proofing, lamination is an optional protective layer applied to stickers, enhancing durability and resistance to wear, tear, and weather. It can either add a glossy finish, making colors pop or a matte finish to give it a more textured feel. Opting for lamination ensures your stickers remain vibrant and long-lasting, especially in outdoor or high-contact settings. It acts as a shield against scratches, UV rays, and moisture, preserving the sticker's quality over time. Choose lamination if your stickers are expected to be handled frequently or exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

Vinyl Type

Air release vinyl is an optional feature that enhances the application process of stickers. It incorporates tiny channels in the adhesive, allowing trapped air to escape during installation. The result is a smooth and bubble-free finish. This feature simplifies the application for customers, ensuring a hassle-free and professional-looking outcome. Air release vinyl is particularly beneficial for larger stickers and intricate designs, providing an easy and effective way to achieve a flawless application. We recommend this option if you intend on selling large stickers typically over 5"x5".

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